Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Copy of Letter to send to YOUR 11

Hello Team11 member! Thank you for being willing to be one of my 11 people for the “Eleventh Hour Challenge”. The information you will need is contained in the website at the bottom of this text. I really appreciate you accepting this challenge to 1) donate food locally, 2) donate food globally by playing for Team11 (there is no space between “Team” and “11”) at, and 3) recruiting 11 other people to do steps 1 through 3 (including getting 11 new people on board).

As we want to make this as successful as possible, let’s try and avoid the “chain letter” feel that this could easily take causing participation to drop. If you would, please consider calling and talking to your 11 recruits in person, before you pass along this information and website. Hopefully that will make this more personal and we’ll get a better response.

Top 11 TIPS:

1) Please feel free to recruit more than 11 people. If you recruit more than 11, we’ll have a better chance of growing our numbers and helping more people in need here and abroad.

2) Make it sound fun and easy—because it is!

3) Appeal to their good will—this really can make a difference locally and globally.

4) Acknowledge that trying to recruit 11 people is not always a comfortable thing for people to do, but when asked in person, most of us are willing to help out our friends. So appeal to them on this level by recognizing it might be uncomfortable but you hope they still do it because people can and will step up.

5) Think about people you know who would be most likely to help you out and participate in this worthy cause.

6) Create a “buzz” on your social networks by talking about it. Better yet, post pictures of you playing free rice, your non-perishable foods, and/or the place where you made your food donation. Upload your photos to the Team11 Facebook site or the blog donation record site: and share that on your networks.

7) Continue the conversation when you’ve made your donations. Go to the Facebook page or the donation blog to record your donations in some manner (pounds, number of items, it doesn’t have to be dollar amount, but listing at least the WHERE you donated, helps others see that donations are being made all across the country—maybe even the world.)

8) Think of other ways to get the word out and to challenge organizations to take part (businesses, places of worship, service organizations, schools, etc.)

9) Have fun with the theme of 11. You’ll see a lot of the challenge encourages 11s (11 people, 11 minutes, 11 pounds, 1100 grains of rice, etc.) This is only a recommendation. Of course you can do much more in order to benefit more people.

10) Send out a reminder before 11-11-11 (November 11, 2011). Remind people that even if 11-11-11 has passed, we want this to keep going and keep growing—so don’t let the date stop you.

11) To make passing on the information easier, consider saving this document and then sending it on as an attachment to your recruits. (I’ve been told the file format “rtf” is most the easily read by the most types of computers.)

Thanks again!

Here is the website for the Eleventh Hour Challenge with other information you might need.

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