Monday, December 5, 2011

Exciting Opportunities

I recently completed an intensive online course sponsored by the ONE Campaign, the World Food Programme and World Food Program USA, I would like to congratulate you on your completion of the course "Growing Solutions to End Hunger: The Hunger and Agriculture Griot Project." During the last week of class, we received some exciting news, "The White House has extended a unique opportunity to us through their White House leadership series to brief our leaders (YOU) on subjects relating to foreign assistance. The day would also include a tour of the East Wing and an opportunity to ask Administration officials questions on eradicating poverty for the world’s poorest people."

The White House Community Leadership series was started in the summer of 2011. Our class and the One organizers responded with enthusiasm. As part of this coming together of grassroots leaders interested in global hunger initiatives, our organizers also arranged for a Lobbying Day on Capitol Hill. In a recent email I received regarding this week, it was noted that over 115 people from 30 different states were going to be coming together (most of us for the first time seeing each other in person) to participate in our democracy at the highest level.

Over the course of this week, I am going to try and share some of my experiences in Washington through this blog. As I am still teaching completely online I will do my best to blog each day, and if I can't, I'll be sure to post some information after the fact. As there are security restrictions on what we can bring into the White House, I will not be allowed to have my computer and cell phone use is restricted (White House Information). I will also try to tweet as I can. Follow me on Twitter: @kfrisch for updates and photos.

Although time is limited with class obligations (mine as a student and mine as an instructor), I do hope to get to a few museums in order to gather some information for my classes next semester. Time and energy permitting, I hope to get to the National Museum of the American Indian, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Newseum.

I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me through my short time in our Nation's capitol. Stay tuned!!

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